November 2011 Results of Bank of Bolivar’s Thanksgiving Coloring Contest
Category:  Pre-Kindergarten
Abbey Green – Little Stingers Preschool, Fair Play
Megan Howard – Sunshine Preschool, Bolivar
Harper Rowell – Sunshine Preschool, Bolivar
Anna Seiner – Sunshine Preschool, Bolivar
Emmy Taylor – Humansville
Category:  Kindergarten / 1st Grade
Kylie Dalton – Humansville
Meghan Hoxsie – Fair Play
Ben Lewis – Marion C. Early
Jayson Petersen - Republic
Ayden Saunders –Bolivar
Category:  2nd Grade / 3rd Grade
Noah Benedict – Pleasant Hope
Zach Garver – Humansville
Paige Price – Polk County Christian School, Bolivar
Josie Schenherr – Fair Grove
Chason Williams – Bolivar
Category:  4th Grade / 5th Grade
Katie Collins – Pleasant Hope
Ethan Conner – Bolivar
Emma Henderson – Bolivar
Sterling Marcano – Pleasant Hope
Jasmine Wise – Bolivar
Thanks to all 1140 young artists who entered!  There were so-o-o many excellent pictures, making judging very difficult.  Congratulations to all of the above winners, who each win $20 in dollar coins.  Prizes may be picked up at Bank of Bolivar’s investment office at 489 S. Springfield Avenue in Bolivar or by other arrangements.  All contest questions can be directed to Keli Francka at 417-326-0247.
Pictures from Fair Play, Humansville, and Morrisville have been taken to Bank of Bolivar’s west branch at 2126 W. Broadway St. in Bolivar.
Pictures from Bolivar and Halfway have been taken to Bank of Bolivar’s main facility at 495 S. Springfield Ave. in Bolivar.
Pictures from Fair Grove and Pleasant Hope have been taken to Bank of Bolivar’s branch at 40 N. Main St. in Fair Grove.
All other pictures, including those with of unknown, have been taken to Bank of Bolivar’s branch at 2920 E. Chestnut Expwy. In Springfield.
Happy Thanksgiving!