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As a true community bank and a friend of education, Bank of Bolivar / BOB Community Financial is an active supporter of our local school programs, students, and staff.  Some particular expressions of this support come in the various "Master Teacher," "Teacher of the Year," and "Non-Certified School Employee of the Year" awards funded by BOB.

In the Fair Grove R-10 school district, BOB funds three "Master Teacher" awards, one for each building, given at the end of the year to educators whose qualities and performance over the school year are deemed worthy of them being called a "master teacher."

In the Bolivar R-1 school district, each building votes on its own "Teacher of the Year" and "Non-Certified Employee of the Year." From among these honorees, then, the district selects two overall winners (one in each category) and presents each with a cash award from Bank of Bolivar for a job well done.