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You shop. We donate. Our kids win!

Bank of Bolivar is proud to offer four custom-designed 'Donation Debit Cards' with a hometown flair.

Designed by students in each respective school, BOB's three 'School Pride' debit cards generate revenue for each respective school district with each purchase. At this time, available cards are the Bolivar Liberator Pride debit card, Fair Grove Eagle Pride debit card, and the Halfway Cardinal Pride debit card.

New in 2016, Bank of Bolivar expanded our 'Donation Debit Card' program from just 'School Pride' cards with the addition of the Buddy Card, which generates monthly revenue for the benefit of our furry friends at the Polk County Humane Society.

With each card, all donations come from Bank of Bolivar based on the number of purchase transactions made with each card each month. Thanks to our many customers obtaining and using these cards, BOB now donates around $3,000 per month to these local causes in support of our kids and pets!

Donation debit cards are cool, free, and offer all of the same great benefits as normal debit cards, so get yours today!