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Bank of Bolivar is a community bank valuing prudent and thoughtful benevolence to causes that are representative of the priorities of our communities, employees, and organization. Accordingly, Bank of Bolivar's mission will include certain donations and sponsorships - at our discretion and according to this policy - as the bank's financial condition allows.

This policy covers requests made of Bank of Bolivar for "donations" or "sponsorships," where the primary purpose is to support an organization/cause/event, or otherwise provide a benefit to the requesting party - even if, as a secondary purpose, the bank's gift is acknowledged in some manner (listed in a program, on a t-shirt, etc.).

This is in contrast with standard advertising or marketing requests, where the primary purpose is to generate a business transaction benefitting Bank of Bolivar.

This policy explains what requests Bank of Bolivar will and will not approve. Before submitting a request for a donation or sponsorship, please read this policy carefully to make sure your request complies in all points. Non-compliant requests will not be approved.

1. RECIPIENTS. Regardless of the merits, Bank of Bolivar's donations and sponsorships are typically limited to groups (organizations or teams) not individuals. Select members of a group looking for assistance attending a higher level of competition where the entire group is not attending will generally not be considered a "group" request.

2. GEOGRAPHY. Preference is given to requests that directly benefit our market areas (i.e. - where the organization itself, the contact person, or other key members are members of the local community).

3. RECIPROCITY. Preference is given to requests where the organization itself, the contact person, or other key members of the organization are customers of Bank of Bolivar (either deposit or loan).

4. EFFECTIVENESS. Preference is given to requests that will benefit the largest number of people.

5. INTEREST. All else being equal, preference is given to requests that most advance the bank's interests or provide the greatest exposure for the bank.

6. SUBMISSION. To avoid mistakes, all donation/sponsorship requests must be made in writing using our online DSR (Donation/Sponsorship Request) form, which is accessible by clicking on the button at the conclusion of this policy. If you are unable to complete your request in this manner, please contact Greg Ankrom in marketing at 417.326.0297 or to come in and complete a printed copy of the bank's DSR form. If you have other printed materials regarding your request, you may submit them along with your DSR.

7. TIMELINESS. To allow for timely consideration, requests must be submitted at least 7 days (but no more than 60 days) in advance of any deadlines.

8. DISCRETION. Bank of Bolivar may approve or deny any request at its discretion with or without explanation.

9. RESPONSE. Whenever time allows, Bank of Bolivar typically reviews all DSRs on the second Thursday of each month. DSRs with response deadlines outside of this timeframe will still be considered as long as they meet the timeliness requirement listed above. All DSRs will receive a response by the response deadline listed on the DSR.

10. DELIVERY. Delivery of funds by check can take up to 10 business days for processing and mailing.

11. EXCLUSIONS. Per banking regulations, Bank of Bolivar is not permitted to engage in any lotteries, raffles, or contests or to allow such activities to occur on bank premises (even for charity).

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