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Bank of Bolivar & The Bank of Missouri.  Stronger Together.

2020 is a year that will see two great community banks come together to form one of the greatest community banking operations in all of Missouri.  When Bank of Bolivar, "Your Community Bank" for the last 23 years, finally becomes part of The Bank of Missouri, a community banking fixture since 1891, the end result will be a stronger, broader network of hometown branches for customers all across Missouri.

This merger is the culmination of months of careful consideration and due diligence.  Each organization brings a unique set of strengths to this partnership while at the same time embracing similar organizational values and cultures - so if you like what you have now as a customer of either Bank of Bolivar or The Bank of Missouri, then this merger will be an exciting combination of your great current banking tradition with an even stronger support system and branch network (38 in total!).

Together, we will continue to be a privately-owned, Missouri-based, community bank that is focused on serving you and each of our communities with integrity and excellence.


October, 2019  |  Intent to Merge  |  Public announcement of Bank of Bolivar's intent to merge into The Bank of Missouri organization (COMLETED); process of seeking regulatory approval begins (COMPLETE).

January, 2020  |  BOB Shareholder Approval  |  Special meeting of Bolivar Bancshares called for the purpose of approving bank merger (COMPLETED). 

February, 2020  |  Holding Company Acquisition  |  Receive regulatory approval for merger (COMPLETED); Reliable Community Bancshares acquires Bolivar Bancshares (COMPLETED); operational, logistical, and personnel assessments begin (ONGOING).

August, 2020  |  Customer Acquisition  |  BOB accounts and operations fully become The Bank of Missouri.


Check back later as we post answers to specific merger-related questions in this section.