Welcome to the online home for Bank of Bolivar / BOB Community Financial!

This page is here to provide you with tips and tricks to help you get the most benefit from our new website.  You can read on now or just come back here if you ever have questions about how to use or navigate our site.  Ready for the highlights?  Let's go!

  • Our site's menus are built around the 5 most common reasons people visit our website: to MANAGE their money, to BORROW money, to CONNECT with us here at BOB, to EXPLORE other fun stuff in the neighborhood, or to log in to their online banking
  • To log in to online banking, look for the big box on the upper-left side of our home page
  • Occasionally, we will feature photography of local scenes on our home page and we invite customers to submit photos for us to use
  • Current news and topics of interest will be featured on the lower-right side of our home page
  • Commonly-asked information can be found in the footer of every page: our routing #, our NMLS #, and the addresses and phone numbers of all our banking centers
  • Each page has a search box to help you locate just the right page anywhere on our site by looking for a key word or phrase
  • If you still can not remember which page to go to, there is a "Site Map" item under the "Explore" menu, where you can find a hierarchical list of all pages that make up the entire website

TIP: If you click directly on any of the four main menu headings (Manage, Borrow, Connect, or Explore) you will open up a site map for just that menu group.

TIP: Did you know that clicking on the BOB logo at the top-left of any page will take you back to the home page? This is pretty standard on most websites.