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Bank of Bolivar / BOB Community Financial's debit cards also serve as ATM access cards by which you can access your account information and withdraw cash from your accounts. Unlike a credit card, purchases made with a debit card are essentially deducted from your bank account immediately.  Debit cards are sometimes known as "check cards."

Two types of debit/ATM cards are available from Bank of Bolivar / BOB Community Financial:

  • Donation Debit Card
    BOB now offers seven custom-designed 'donation' debit cards with a hometown flair!  The Bolivar Liberator Pride debit card, Fair Grove Eagle Pride debit card, Halfway Cardinal Pride debit card, and Fair Play Hornet Pride debit cards generate revenue for these school districts with each use once a minimum of 250 cards have been issued for that organization.  Also benefitting from this program are three non-school partners, the Polk County Humane Society Buddy Card, the CARE RescueCard, and the KLIFE interdenominational youth ministry card.

    Donation debit cards are cool, free, and offer all of the same great benefits as normal debit cards, so get yours today and help support area kids and pets!

  • Bank-Branded
    BOB'S standard bank-branded debit card is another great way to access funds from your Bank of Bolivar / BOB Community Financial account. PIN-based debit cards are safer than carrying cash or checks and allow you to check on your account or pick up cash from any ATM (non-Bank of Bolivar / BOB Community Financial-owned ATMs may incur fees).

Report a Lost or Stolen Credit/Debit Card