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Each of Bank of Bolivar's four banking centers has an outdoor automated teller machine (ATM), from which you may check account balances, transfer funds between your accounts, or withdraw money from your accounts.

Use of Bank of Bolivar's ATMs is free to Bank of Bolivar customers and available to customers of other banks for a fee that is displayed on the ATM screen before it is charged.

Bank of Bolivar customers using a non-Bank of Bolivar ATM may be charged a fee by the owners of that ATM, however our customers with an Ultimate Free Checking account can use any ATM in the country for free during each month that their account qualifies for Premium Rewards! Click here to see the Ultimate Free Checking section of our website for complete details and qualifications.

Click the link below to access our complete brochure covering online and convenience banking options.

(View Banking Your Way brochure [PDF])