The latest in internet- and mobile-based banking services for your convenience... for FREE!*

"Online banking," in general, refers to any web-based system that allows you to access your bank account. To ensure the best online experience for the type of device you are using, our online banking system detects whether you are using a regular computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone, and then adjusts the screen presentation accordingly.

"Full-site online banking" refers to the presentation you will see on a desktop or full-size notebook computer screen using an internet browser.

"Mobile banking" refers to any adaptation of our online banking system optimized for use on any smaller device such as a tablet or mobile phone. With Bank of Bolivar / BOB Community Financial, mobile banking can take place in several forms: using a mobile-optimized internet browser window, using an Apple or Android app on a smartphone or tablet, or even through text messaging on your mobile phone!

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*Bank of Bolivar / BOB Community Financial does not charge for these services although your mobile or internet provider may charge fees