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Turn everyday purchases into cash!

Purchase Rewards is a feature that allows BOB's online banking customers to earn cash from offers purchased using your bank debit card.

Here's how you can put Purchase Rewards to use and begin earning cash and discounts:

  1. VIEW PURCHASE REWARDS IN ONLINE BANKING - Online banking customers will begin seeing offers in their online banking platform when they log in. Often, these offers are based on past transactions (fast food, travel, home improvement, etc.). Purchase Rewards can be redeemed only by customers with a bank debit card, however, since that is how the purchases must be made in order to earn rewards.
  2. ACTIVATE OFFERS - If you see an offer you like or think you would use, you simply need to click on that to "activate" it. The offer will state how much cash back and/or discount you will receive, along with specific instructions on when and how the purchase must be made (online, in-store, etc.).
  3. MAKE PURCHASES WITH DEBIT CARD - Once an offer has been activated, you simply need to make the purchase per the offer instructions and using the debit card for the same account the offer was for.
  4. RECEIVE REWARDS - Completed offers will earn cash rebates for you, which will be directly credited to your account by the end of the following month. Note, this is not instantaneous; it takes processing time for the credit to appear.

That's it! It's simple to begin earning cash back simply by using your debit card in conjunction with offers you like and accept. But if you have any questions, our friendly New Accounts representatives will be happy to assist you with Purchase Rewards.