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The perfect checking account for...  those who are willing to perform basic qualifications each month in order to earn rewards of nationwide ATM refunds and CD-level interest.

  • When monthly qualifications are met, this account earns premium rewards: "CD-level" interest on the first $15,000 of balance in the account, a great rate of interest on the portion of balance over $15,000, plus a refund of all ATMs fees nationwide that month!
  • When monthly qualifications are not met, this account earns base rewards: a basic rate of interest on the entire account balance and no ATM refunds; but there are still no penalties or fees and each new monthly cycle is a fresh start to try and qualify!
  • Monthly qualifications:
    1. Sign up to receive electronic statements as paper statements are not an option with this account (enroll once upon opening account then it will not be necessary to repeat this qualification each month)
    2. Have at least one direct deposit or ACH auto-debit post and clear on the account during the monthly qualification cycle (it is possible to set up a recurring ACH debit, which would then make it unnecessary to repeat this qualification each month)
    3. Have at least 10 net debit card purchase transactions post and clear on the account during the monthly qualification cycle
  • MONTHLY FEE:  none
  • INTEREST:  variable rates of interest are paid monthly using the daily balance computation method, according to the following "steps" (click here to see Current Rates):
    • When "qualified," one rate for the portion of balance from $0 - $15,000.00
    • When "qualified," another rate for the portion of balance from $15,000.01 and over
    • When not "qualified," one base rate for the entire balance
  • STATEMENTS:  electronic statements only
  • Companion Ultimate Rewards Saver account also available for additional rewards on your savings
  • Personal accounts only
  • FDIC insured up to the maximum legal limits
  • Important note: enrollment in electronic statements requires an active online banking login

Also includes:

  • FREE ATM card or debit card with Purchase Rewards feature
  • FREE Banking Your Way:  Internet banking / online bill pay / mobile app banking with SnapCheck! mobile check deposit / text message banking / 24-hour Touch Tone Teller / free use of all BOB ATMs
  • FREE Account Matchup Service:  After 3 consecutive months of not "qualifying" for any reason, account will be converted automatically to most appropriate account for customer
  • REFER-A-FRIEND Benefit:  Earn $40 for you and $40 for your friend each time you send BOB another customer!  (Limit of 10 paid bonuses per person per year)
  • COURTESY OVERDRAFT Consideration:  Find out if you are eligible for this program designed to pay checks and electronic items that would otherwise be returned for insufficient funds