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Sometimes change is hard; let us help you get through it

Different people love BOB for different reasons... better rates, less fees, better terms, friendlier staff, our community involvement, BOB's Gift Club, School Pride debit cards, BOB-O-Matic, BOB's Bean Counter, our mascot Howdy, SnapCheck!, text message banking... you name it!

But when you realize all that you like about Bank of Bolivar, we don't want the hassle of moving your old accounts to us to keep you from making a change for the better.

So - we are happy to do all that we can to help you switch over. Due to privacy regulations, we often cannot personally speak to agencies or vendors on your behalf, but we can guide you through the process and provide you with the forms and information necessary to help you along.

Simply click on the button below to open our Switch Kit PDF document containing various forms, print it out, then follow the instructions.

As always, if you have any questions, just ask any of our friendly new accounts representatives for assistance.

Open Switch Kit [PDF]